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Scrum Alliance® has introduced opportunities for a global audience of more than 750,000 certified scrum practitioners who span 175+ countries to engage in high quality Agile programming. Scrum Alliance invites organizations to partner and take advantage of this highly engaged Agile audience. Below are the areas of opportunities to partner with Scrum Alliance throughout 2018. If you have any questions, please contact


Global Scrum Gatherings

In 2018, Scrum Alliance will host Gatherings in North America and Europe.

Top 3 reasons to sponsor a Global Scrum Gathering this year:

  1. Target audience of passionate Scrum and Agile practitioners walking through the exhibit hall throughout the majority of the Gathering.
  2. Sixty percent of Gathering participants are first-time attendees, eager to bring back information and solutions to their organizations to implement Scrum more broadly and effectively.
  3. Attendees consist of Scrum and Agile practitioners, product owners, developers, and trainers and coaches. So your message is being viewed and captured by individuals from every level of the organization.

Please check out our upcoming Global Scrum Gatherings and review our sponsorship packages.



Advertising and Content Opportunities

Scrum Alliance Monthly Newsletter

Our emails are distributed to 300,000+ subscribers and are distribued throughout the month, featuring upcoming events, Scrum Alliance news, and the latest content, including webinars and articles. Use our newsletters as a channel to promote your news, events, and content via a banner or text ad. Depending on what you're seeking to advertise, we'll provide guidance about which newsletter will reach the ideal audience.

Scrum Alliance Webinars

In 2014, Scrum Alliance began conducting webinars and was excited by the incredible demand, reaching a registration of 5,000+ within days of our first webinar! The average registration of 1,800 and attendance of 900 shows that our audience is highly engaged and eagerly looks forward to the next virtual event. We invite organizations to take part in this successful program by presenting to our audience through sponsor-driven content built around Scrum and Agile or simply sponsoring a webinar for brand awareness.

These webinars will be hosted on the first Wednesday of every month in 2017. Make sure to reserve your webinar date by choosing from one of the webinar packages.


Scrum Alliance Website Banners

Marketing your brand to our community allows potential prospects to learn about your products and/or services much easily. Promoting your company through website banners will build up the repetition in the minds of the visitors and will help answer any questions they may have about the types of services and products you offer. With an average of 375,000+ site visits a month (4.5 million throughout the year), you're sure to be seen by many in the Agile community.



Content Syndication

Your organization works hard to develop thought leadership content around Scrum and Agile and it deserves to be seen. Syndicating your content across our website channels is a great way to increase exposure.


AgileVox Magazine

This dynamic, biannual magazine is distributed throughout the global Agile community. Readers access features that address a wide range of topics aimed at transforming your world of work. click for more info




AgileCareers is dedicated to connecting Scrum and Agile organizations with qualified, passionate Agile professionals. Job seekers and recruiters spend countless hours and energy trying to find that mutually beneficial and harmonious relationship, and now we are bridging that gap.

Supported by a global job board leader, JobTarget, AgileCareers has its own unique audience for organizations to engage. Given a robust website offering banner ad placements, email marketing to Agile job seekers, and AgileCareers Networking Expos, organizations should consider AgileCareers as the one-stop shop for their Agile recruiting efforts.

If you're interested in posting job listings to AgileCareers, please visit