Global Scrum Gathering® Austin 2019: Themes

Champions of Agile

Our presenters, curated by the North American Gathering Team, are industry thought leaders who will challenge you to take Agile to the next level in your organization. Speakers will focus on how to amplify the benefits of Scrum across all industries, with an emphasis on growth through shared knowledge. Talks will cover a mix of introductory and advanced topics.

Community of Agile

From the hundreds of Agile User Groups across North America, group leaders have nominated the top presentations hosted over the past year. We’re excited to bring these “best-of-the-best” talks and workshops from across the country to the big stage.

Organizational Transformation: The Learning Curve

From basements to C-level suites, Agile has had a meteoric rise in the last decade. Some organizations have gone way beyond Scrum Teams and others are on their yet-another-attempt at “big-picture” transformation. What can our community learn from experiences thus far? What does leadership in successful transformation look like? How do you to hire good coaches? What is the role of technology in transformational journey? How are roles and responsibilities affected? These questions, and much more, will be raised.

Scrum in Hard Places

If you’ve ever been told, “Scrum can’t work here” or have struggled to implement Scrum in a tough environment, this theme is for you. We’ll cover a host of topics, such as what Scrum looks like in heavily regulated or environments where lives are at stake, places where documentation and unending approvals are “king” and the appetite for change is not. It’s in these very cases, where it’s even more important to find a new, better way of working.

Scrum Team

Scrum Teams strive to consistently produce software that provides value and that delights customers. These presentations will cover Scrum practices, from backlog through delivery, and will include sessions for Team members, ScrumMasters and Product Owners. For Developers, we’ll have decisions on how XP (Extreme Programming), TDD (Test Driven Development), BDD (Behavior Driven Development), and Lean development processes fit into the Agile and Scrum world. Deep dives will address Agile testing strategies, test automation, continuous integration and continuous delivery.

Scrum Tool Kit

Enhance your Scrum, facilitation, and training skills with practical tools and techniques to increase team engagement, drive business outcomes, and help your team perform at their highest level. Through workshops, activities, games, tools, and practices, you’ll learn new ways to strengthen team capabilities, practice collaboration, dive into communication techniques, and have some fun while doing it.

Scrum in My Heart

Scrum isn’t just a way to organize work and get twice done in half the time; there’s more to it than just the output or outcome debate. Scrum changes us – the way we interact with others, the way we think of ourselves, and the way we impact the world around us. Letting go of pressures to be right the first time and to discovering your calling of being in service of others, Scrum has ignited personal, internal transformation beyond simple job descriptions. We all have a story to tell – what’s yours? Hear the passionate stories of transformational change that are in your heart, told by your peers.

Scrum in Unusual Places

Scrum isn’t just for software anymore. It’s being applied by teachers to help students self-organize around their learning goals, by HR teams to streamline recruiting activities, and even by event planners to deliver the highest value by wedding day. Scrum has been applied in accounting, education, marketing, legal, publishing, and in a variety of other domains. Practitioners have inspired and challenged the frontiers of this community. Learn how the simplicity of the Scrum framework has inspired just about anyone to apply it in unusual places. Speakers will stretch your imagination while sharing their struggles introducing Scrum in new places.

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