Maintain Your Certification by Renewing


Foundational, Advanced, and Professional Levels

You worked hard for that certification. Don’t let it lapse! Renew now and maintain your certification for two years.
Renewing your CSM®, CSPO®, and/or CSD® certification(s) allows you to:

  • Differentiate yourself from others in your field by receiving an endorsement of your skills, knowledge, and abilities from the largest, most established, and influential Agile certifying body.
  • Open the door to career advancement opportunities and the potential for increased earnings.
  • Participate in volunteer opportunities and influence the future of Scrum.
  • Continue your path in obtaining more advanced certifications.
  • Display digital badging to promote your achievements.
To validate your participation and continued proficiency in the fundamental principles and practices of Scrum, you are required to earn Scrum Education Units® (SEUs) by completing an educational training or learning opportunity. It’s easy to do and will help you stay relevant (and competitive) in the market. Note: All SEUs used for renewal must have been earned within the past two (2) years.
Learning is essential for your ongoing journey and SEUs are an easy way to accomplish this. Here's just a sampling of the wide variety of ways to earn SEUs:  
The following SEU requirements went into effect on February 4, 2019 (renewal fees did not change):
Certification (Two-Year Term) SEUs Required Fee Per Term
Foundational : CSM®, CSPO®, or CSD® 20 (NEW!) $100
Advanced: A-CSMSM or A-CSPOSM
30 (NEW!) $175
Professional: CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, or CSP®
40 $250

Do you have multiple certifications?

You will need to submit the full amount of required SEUs for your highest-level certification, but you will only be required to submit half the amount of required SEUs for each certification in a different track thereafter. Please visit our Help Center for specific examples.

Need to calculate your required SEUs? Check out the SEU calculator.

SEU Calculator

Ready to renew?

  1. Log on to your certification account.

  2. Click on ‘certification dashboard’ from settings.
  3. Scroll to the “Actions” window and click the renewal link to pay your renewal fee.
Note: You will not be able to renew your certification if you are not within six months of your current expiration date.

Need help? Check out the FAQs on our Help Center.


Renew Now  

Maintain Your Guide Level Certification


Maintain your active guide level certification with the appropriate set of renewal requirements. For specifics, please see the “Certified Scrum Trainer (CST®), Certified Enterprise Coach (CEC), and Certified Team Coach (CTC) Renewal Program 2018–19" document found on your dashboard under Coach Resources.

Renewing your guide level certification also renews your other-obtained certifications as applicable.

Note: You will not be eligible to pay your annual CTC, CEC and/or CST fee – and maintain your active certification(s) – until you have fulfilled all renewal requirements.

Renewal Fee

The fee for your guide level certification is due annually. Near the end of each year, our accounting department will send you an invoice. If you have not received an invoice by the second week of January, please contact If you have additional questions, please contact
Need help? Check out the FAQs on our Help Center.

Certification SEUs Required Renewal Fee
Foundational (CSM®, CSPO®, CSD®) 20 $100
Advanced (A-CSM®, A-CSPO®) 30 $175
Professional (CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, CSP®) 40 $250