Scrum Education Units® (SEUs)

To validate your participation and continued proficiency in the fundamental principles and practices of Scrum – and to maintain your certification – you are required to earn Scrum Education Units (SEUs) by completing educational training or learning opportunities. It’s easy to do and will help you stay relevant (and competitive) in the market.

SEUs follow a 1:1 ratio, where one hour of participation or preparation is equal to one SEU. There are four (4) categories of SEUs. Scroll down for an overview of each category. Although we recommend spreading your SEU experience across several categories for experience diversity, you only need to complete the total amount of SEUs to maintain/renew your certification. 

SEUs are required for renewing all certifications. Read how to renew your CSP
SEUs can also be used to earn a CSP for those who exclusively have a Certified Scrum Developer® (CSD®) certification. Read how CSDs earn SEUs toward CSP.


There are four (4) categories you can choose from when selecting SEUs. The information provided below for each category describes your choices.


Earn SEUs for participating in events like Scrum Alliance Global GatheringsScrum Alliance Regional Gatherings, and Non-Scrum Alliance-Sponsored Events, as well as in User Groups events and activities.

  1. Presenting, coaching, and attending sessions all count as SEU-eligible activities.
  2. A maximum of eight (8) SEUs may be earned per day.


Allowable SEUs in this category include working with Scrum Alliance CSTs, CECs, CTCs, and REPs. A full day of training is equal to a maximum of eight (8) SEUs. SEUs may also be earned through various independent learning activities, such as: preparing (but not delivering) presentations; authoring relevant books, articles, or blogs; watching a training video/webinar; reading one or two books in depth. 


We encourage you to give back to the community. Therefore, SEUs may be earned by providing non-compensated professional Scrum services. 


SEUs may be earned through a variety of other collaborative learning activities with other Scrum practitioners. Scrum Alliance acknowledges that not all learning fits neatly into the categories above. This category may not include submissions that belong in Categories B; for example, it is not for face-to-face training or events. Other SEUs will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Renewal Requirements

Certification SEUs Required Renewal Fee
Foundational (CSM®, CSPO®, CSD®) 20 $100
Advanced (A-CSM®, A-CSPO®) 30 $175
Professional (CSP®-SM, CSP®-PO, CSP®) 40 $250

A Note About Multiple Certifications:
You will need to submit the full amount of required SEUs for your highest-level certification, but you will only be required to submit half the amount of required SEUs for each certification in a different track thereafter. Please visit our Help Center for specific examples.


How is the value of an SEU calculated?
An SEU is based on a 1:1 ratio of contact hours to points. For example, if you attend a Scrum Gathering® and participate for the entire three days, you will earn a maximum of 24 SEUs. 
Attending a one (1) hour webinar is equivalent to one (1) SEU.

How do I get SEUs?
Many educational activities easily count for SEU credit. Reading books, attending mentoring or training sessions, watching webinars, and volunteering are just a few ideas. Please review the categories for examples of how you can earn Scrum Education Units.

I do a lot of training and coaching. Which SEU category does this fit into?
In instances where you participate in learning opportunities where you are the student and not the trainer/coach, you can count this as Category B. Conversely, in instances where you are the trainer/coach, these hours would best fit in your work experience on your Scrum Alliance profile rather than SEU credit. There are three exceptions. In these cases, your training/coaching experience can be counted for SEUs:

  1. You have volunteered training for nonprofit organizations other than your employer (Category C).
  2. You've researched and prepared training materials (Category D).
  3. You are a co-trainer, learning from a more experienced trainer (Category D).

How many SEUs will I need to maintain my CSP credential?
You will need 40 SEUs accumulated over two years to renew your CSP. Each SEU is the equivalent of one hour of an educational activity.

I am logging SEUs to renew. How recent do they have to be?
For all certification renewal cycles, SEUs must have been earned within your current certification period. For example, if your certification expires 7/15/2020, then your SEUs will need to have been earned between 7/15/2018 and 7/15/2020.

If you have additional questions, please visit the FAQ page or contact